Launch Os™ | Jan 2023

Proven Blueprint For Launching
Your Next Idea In 30 Days.

Launch OS™ is an interactive playbook for launching your first (or next) business faster.

Discover Profitable Ideas

Find Your First Customers

Scale Your Marketing Channels

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Why Launch OS?

Stop Asking:
"What do I build next?"

Launch OS™ is designed to help you launch your first (or next) business in just 30 days…

Build Smarter

Find Winning Business Ideas

Discover proven niches and profitable offers so you can generate revenue faster.

Pick the right idea for your skillset

Find the most profitable positioning

Create a powerful product offer

Launch Better

Acquire Your First Customers

Getting your first customers used to be the hard part, now you have a proven roadmap.

Understand your ideal customers

Build your Attraction Engine

Test your marketing theories

Grow faster

Build A Better Marketing Plan

Spend less time trying to figure out how to market your business and more time actually marketing it.

Understand your full-funnel metrics

Find profitable marketing channels

Optimize your growth infrastructure

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Launch 10x Faster.

Launch OS™ helps entrepreneurs take action on their ideas and launch companies faster.

Interactive Launch OS™ Playbook

Weekly Live Expert Q&A Sessions

Exclusive Bonus Resources

$500+ Worth of Discounts

Lifetime Access To Updates

What's Included

Everything you need to launch your next profitable idea.

Interactive Playbook

Stop wasting time trying to figure out what to do next when you can follow a proven roadmap.

Pick the right business idea

Understand your customers

Find the perfect product offer

Start generating revenue faster

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Join us every week to ask questions, get feedback, and connect with other Launch OS™ participants so you never get stuck on a roadblock.

Lifetime Access To Updates

Launch OS™ will be updated each quarter to contain the most up-to-date strategies and insights. The best part? You only pay once.

$500+ Deals & Discounts

Get access to discounted prices on tools, resources and more so you can save money getting your business idea off the ground.

Live Build Examples

Follow along with Samuel Thompson as he builds a company LIVE with you following the Launch OS™ roadmap to validate and market his idea.

work efficiently

Built By A Trusted
Growth Expert

Samuel Thompson has spent the last 10 years building, launching and growing internet companies.

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Launch OS™ will help you:

Discover Profitable Ideas: Pick the right business idea and set yourself up for success from the start

Find Your First Customers: Discover your ideal customers and start reaching them where they spend time online

Build Better Marketing Plans: Find profitable marketing channels and build the infrastructure for scale

LIfetime Access

$297 Once

Interactive Launch OS™ Playbook

Weekly Expert Q&A Sessions

$500+ Worth Of Discounts

Exclusive Bonus Resources

Lifetime Update Acces

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Common Questions

We’ve got you covered.

What types of business is this for?

We have used this process to launch agencies, SaaS and e-commerce brands. Any nuances between company types are openly discussed and supported in the material and live calls.

I already have a business. Should I buy?

Early stage businesses can still benefit from Launch OS modules and can shorten the learning curve of acquiring customers faster.

When will Launch OS™ be released?

Launch date will be Febuary 2023. We are currently beta-testing with a few select entrepreneurs.

When are the live Q&A sessions?

Live sessions will be every Thursday afternoon (PST) following launch. You can submit questions and recordings will be made available each week.

What's the refund policy?

We will only offer refunds prior to launch. We will not offer refunds once you have accessed Launch OS™.

Do you offer student pricing?

Yes. Send a DM to Samuel Thompson and he will give you a coupon code.

Launch OS™

Launch Your Next Business Idea In 30 Days Or Less.

Stop struggling to launch your first (or next) business idea.